The Choice is Yours!

You can spend a day to learn the strategies and techniques of great marketers or you can spend 60 days to “Get Better” at marketing so you consistently execute the strategies and techniques of great marketers!

The Right Attitude

Without it, you will never succeed at selling your products, as a marketer or in life!

A Comprehensive Game Plan

A marketer who executes a comprehensive Game Plan will always outperform a marketer who pieces together the methods and strategies she or he feels comfortable using!

The Effective Use of Time

Time is the great equalizer!

You will either use your time to create the life you want to live, spend your time living within your comfort zone so your life stays the same or you will waste your time and waste your talent.

Building a Marketing "Dream Team!"

Leaders, Karen Benjamin, the national thought leader on sales recruiting and retention, she will show you how to how to hire and know when to fire to build a top performing marketing team!

Attitude - Game Plan - Time Kicks-Off In








What is it?

A 60-day “Renovation Event” that will get YOU to Think, Make Decisions, Walk, Talk and Act like a top 8% income earner in your industry!

When is it?

It all starts the day after Labor Day when we get back to work after summer or Tuesday, 9/5/17, with the “Main Event” on Wed., 10/4/17 and it concludes on Friday, 11-4-17.

Why A-GP-T?

Because this is NOT about the great information you will receive from us, it is about helping you “Get Better” at sales and marketing so your performance, results and live “Gets Better!”

Why is

So Important to your Sales, Marketing, Future and Success?

Simple, because every problem you face at sales and marketing and in most life instances is caused by one or all of them as follows:


The attitude of top income earners create fuel that compels bold choices and powerful actions;

While the attitude of the rest of the population create excuses and logical reasons for weak choices and inaction.

Game Plan

The top income earners implement a comprehensive Game Plan that works and get results with today’s buyers;

While others mix and match strategies they enjoy using and are comfortable performing; despite the poor results.

Use of Time

The top 8% use their time productively, efficiently and effectively so they always “Get Better” at what they do;

While the rest use their time to simply “Feel Better” by doing and saying just enough to say they did something.

Three Absolute Realities of

Sales, Marketing, Business, Success and Life!

Nothing will “Get Better until You “Get Better!”

Do you understand and believe that your results are a direct result of how well you perform and how well you perform is a direct reflection of how good you are?  Thus, better results requires better performance and better performance requires you to “Get Better!”

Thus, this event is for you if you are ready to “Get Better!

Nothing happens until you sell something!

Do you understand and believe that your company cannot survive, grow, scale or sustain itself if you don’t learn how to create a steady stream of clients willing to pay “fair Market” value for a quality product. 

Thus, this is for you if you want to learn how to become as great at marketing and selling your products and services as you are at planning, creating, building and / or delivering those products and services.

"Getting Better" requires Action not just information!

Do you know that rarely does anyone change as a result of a one-time training or motivational event?  It may make you feel good and you may learn a lot, but that does not mean you are changed!

Thus, this is for you if you want 60 days of being challenged to improve the way you think, make decisions, walk, talk and act so you do and say what the top 8% of  income earners do and say.

Here are three short videos by three of our presenters that explain how you will benefit in your current role if you attend the “Main Event!”

In this video, your host Mark Dulaney explains whether one day at the “Main Event” or the full 60 day renovation is best for you and why September is the perfect time to start this process!

In this video, Karen Benjamin explains how her talk will help leaders of marketing organizations save potentially one million dollars per year and how she canhelp them build a dream team.

In this video, Joe Morone explains how you will specifically benefit by attending this event and what you will learn.  Joe also describes his new book that he will give to everyone who attends.

About Our Speakers

Karen Benjamin

As co-founder & co-owner of Worldleaders, Karen’s passion is working with CEO’s and Sales leaders, assisting them to  improve sales performance and grow their companies. This includes sales assessment and

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Joe Morone

Joe is the co-founder and B2B Technology Sales Researcher & Strategist for Worldleaders Inc. He is the lead sales trainer of the Smart Sales Institute for B2B Technology Sales, co-author of the five-star rated

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Mark Dulaney

Your host & creator of A-GP-T. Mark is changing the personal development and training industry by changing the focus from providing information to an individual to creating change in the individual.

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Here are Your Participation Options

This video explain whether you will benefit the most from the full “Renovation Event” or the “Main Event” alone!

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No more standing on the sidelines watching the action, it is time to make you the star of the action

Attitude - Game Plan - Time

Join us and develop the right attitude, create a complete Game Plan and learn how to use your time productively, efficiently and effectively!


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